LEGO Case for the Raspberry PI

I wanted a case for my Raspberry PI and I didn’t want to spend much or any money. So, like many I turned to LEGOs. I started with the case designed by Biz. While I was building it I noticed a few things I wanted to change. First, there was no easy way to remove the PI once it was in the case. Second, there was also no easy way to see the LEDs on the PI (I now see that there is an updated version of Biz’s case that does have a way to see the LEDs).  Both of these are very useful whenever debugging is needed. So, like any good maker I did something about it.

LEGO PI Box front with SD card
The finished prototype. The SD card sticks out some
LEGO PI Box Hinge and LED Window (sorry for the bad focus)
One side of the lid has hinges and windows (sorry about the blurry image)

Here is the finished prototype. The big changes I made to Biz’s case was the addition of a windows for the LEDs and a hinged top that lets you remove the PI.


LEGO PI Box LED Window
Large clear windows so that all of the LEDs can be easily seen
LEGO PI Box Open and SD Card Removed
You have to remove the SD card before removing the PI from the box
LEGO PI Box PI Removed
Here the PI is completely out of the box
LEGO PI Box All Connections Used (I forgot the SD Card in this picture)
Here you can see that all the connections are accessible.

For fun I then created a better looking design in the LEGO Digital Desinger. I have included my design file (case_lego.lxf) so that anyone can make changes to the design. LEGO used to let you order designs made in the digital designer, but they have discontinued that. To fill that void some users have created a system that lets all the pieces for the set be purchased at once from sellers on bricklink. There is a video here explaining how to get the list of parts into bricklink to be purchased en masse. Basically, you must create an empty wanted list on bricklink, use LDD Manager to get a list of the parts needed for the design, use the id number of the new wanted list to create an xml file in LDD Manager, upload that xml file to bricklink, Use the “By Shop” tab to find a shop that has all the pieces that are in the design. In “By Shop” make sure that the wanted list you created is selected and you are sorting by “Lots (Unique)”.