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Recent Activity – A Pictoral Tour

If you haven't been around recently, here are a few things you would have seen.


Community Scrap Day Sat 10/26!

On Saturday October 26th beginning at 10AM Make Lehigh Valley will be hosting a special event during which we finally eliminate the scrap, abandoned projects and computer piles.  Members and the public alike are invited to come participate in helping us disassemble, salvage and scrap all the stuff in the piles.  While we’re at it, the Make Lehigh Valley members can provide a wealth of knowledge about whats inside and how things work.  MakeLV keeps and sorts certain useful parts we find, and has scrap outlets for all metals, batteries, and PCBs.  We’ll need some help keeping all that sorted as well, along with taking out the trash!  This is a great chance to check out Make Lehigh Valley and see what we’re all about too.

Please note that this does NOT mean you should bring things you want to scrap as we’re trying to clear out our space.

Pizza and drinks provided courtesy of MakeLV!  Although we do have tools and safety gear, it may be advisable to bring along your toolbox – useful items might be gloves, safety glasses, a screw gun, both regular & precision screwdrivers, pliers and cutters.  Tools should be marked or otherwise easily identifiable.

We have cataloged what we can out of the abandoned projects pile and contacted the owners.  Those without a known owner (but we know it was a project) are listed below.  If you do not lay claim to these projects and either a) make your plan for timely completion known, b) store it in your locker if you have one, or c) pick it up and take it with you by Sat 10/26, your project will be up for grabs and scrapped for it’s useful components if not claimed.  We are certainly not pressuring anyone with an active project, these have been dormant 6 months or more and are consuming a considerable amount of space.

Record Player w/Orange Tape
PA Amplifier
Allen Bradley PLC
Modular PC
Grain Mill/Arm
PlayStation Mod? (was in box wired to Basic Stamp)
DIY LCD Projector
White box CPU with “Project Do Not Scrap” on top

If you have any questions or ideas, feel free to contact me.  Spread the word!  Thanks in advance for your help everyone!


RepRap Project Progress

Tony Buser LithopaneThe RepRap project is making progress. Check out the wiki page for the constantly improving documentation and watch as we put together the list of things to buy.


We hear Tony already has the plastic parts on the forge to help us boot strap the 3D printer community of the Lehigh Valley. I guess you could say, the reprap is beginning to take physical shape.

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Help the Reprap Project!

190px-Assembled-prusa-mendelMake Lehigh Valley is hoping to raise $250 in donations to match another $250 to build a Reprap Prusa Mendel i2 3D Printer!  We're hoping to be resourceful and keep the necessary cash around that $500 mark.  Need for printed parts around the space abounds, and this will fill a huge gap in our ability to enable our minds.  If you were at our first Town Meeting tonight, you probably heard about the 3D scanner - and the statue we scanned, and how it worked.  Go donate!


Tour the Home of Make Lehigh Valley, the Hive4A Hackerspace

We put together this video tour for you. We wanted you to come see the latest and greatest of our hackerspace from the comfort of your couch. Enjoy!

Now you've seen it. Come by some Thursday night and get the full-sensory HD tour. You won't believe how much better it is in person!


OpenStack Project – New Hardware

PE2950 server stack

Our friends at iNetU sent over 5 Dell PowerEdge 2950s along with some Cisco PIX Firewalls and some load balancers to put towards the OpenStack Project that we're trying to get going. This will be the first hardware we have that supports the virtualization bit that makes so much difference. We're looking forward to growing our knowledge in what it takes to build a cloud using these machines.

We need to acquire hard drives to get these machines running. We also need to acquire or build a rack for them. Providing proper environmental control for the machines is also something that will take some effort in our current space with dust flying around and the significant temperature changes that occur.

If you'd like to read up and contribute to the plans check out the the OpenStack Project wiki page for gory details, especially the OpenStack References linked on that page.


Needed: Shelving & Car Audio Equipment

Salvaged Car Stereo PartsIf you've been around the hackerspace, you've seen that we could use more shelves for the miscellaneous stuff we're collecting. We did acquire a few, but stuff is still littered around the floor and would be better off up on shelving where it could be more easily seen and accessed. If you have an interest in building or bringing pre-made shelving, feel free.

Additionally, we've thought it would be nice to have a stereo system. It was suggested that some old car stereo parts could quickly be put together into a nice, compact stereo solution. If you have some old parts laying around looking for a home, we'd be glad to oblige. We'll need pretty much everything that is required to play a CD. We'll probably modify an ATX PC power supply to provide the 12V needed to run such equipment.


Planning for World Domination has begun!

I'm a firm believer you can't do any serious planning without a whiteboard so I picked up a sheet of white "showerboard" (a.k.a. Melamine Board) and quickly screwed it to the wall so now the space has 4x8 feet of whiteboard goodness!

Uh, guys? You're coming back sometime right? Guys?

Oh, and thanks Matthew for holding it in place while we all went out for dinner .....



Playing with Microcontrollers

Will's gathering people around some small microcontroller (uC) projects as a means to pass on some knowledge. These aren't be run as a formal class, but is something Will would like to open up to everyone.

We have an LED sign that needs to be refurbished and would like to explore RFID tag reader for use for entry into the space once we get to that point.

If you're interested in digging more deeply into microcontrollers than the arduino, connect with Will (kd0mto) on IRC, the mailing list or come out to an open hack.

Will is also recommending that you check out the following resources:


26 Drawers Completed

Tom finished up his two 12-drawer storage shelves. The two variations seem to both be holding up pretty well, but have yet to be loaded down with stuff.

I also continued work on a storage project I keep getting distracted from for smaller storage using baby food jars. Two of the "drawers" were completed, but some work needs to be done to fix some problems with the frame the dr

awers go into. It helps to do proper measurements the first time.