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Lehigh Valley Mini Maker Faire: Welcome!

Hello Makers!

We hope you had an amazing time at the Lehigh Valley Mini Maker Faire this past weekend! We all had a great time meeting with the community showing tons of people how to solder, and showing off what we do as a makerspace. We look forward to getting to know you all and can’t wait to see what cool things you’re working on.

Nearly everyone who signed up was interested in becoming a member, and we couldn't be happier to welcome new members into our group. Follow the link here for our public docs and find the Membership Application and Liability Waiver. Once you have it filled out, you can hand it to any board member for review.

While we’re planning our upcoming events, we encourage you to spend time getting to know our community, share your interests, and get involved, here’s how:

Open Hack Nights are Thursdays from 6:30pm ~ 9:30pm at The Bridgeworks Enterprise Center, Suite 101, 905 Harrison Street, Allentown. (The first loading bay along the street from the end with the water tower in the parking lot, park on the street, and look for the wooden stairs or use the doorbell next to the loading door). We’re open for members and non-members to come in and meet with the community. Feel free to bring projects that you are working on to show them off, or just come by and take a look at what we’re up to. This is a casual event, but a great way to get to know our group and get involved.

We look forward to seeing you soon!


Community Scrap Day Sat 10/26!

On Saturday October 26th beginning at 10AM Make Lehigh Valley will be hosting a special event during which we finally eliminate the scrap, abandoned projects and computer piles.  Members and the public alike are invited to come participate in helping us disassemble, salvage and scrap all the stuff in the piles.  While we’re at it, the Make Lehigh Valley members can provide a wealth of knowledge about whats inside and how things work.  MakeLV keeps and sorts certain useful parts we find, and has scrap outlets for all metals, batteries, and PCBs.  We’ll need some help keeping all that sorted as well, along with taking out the trash!  This is a great chance to check out Make Lehigh Valley and see what we’re all about too.

Please note that this does NOT mean you should bring things you want to scrap as we’re trying to clear out our space.

Pizza and drinks provided courtesy of MakeLV!  Although we do have tools and safety gear, it may be advisable to bring along your toolbox – useful items might be gloves, safety glasses, a screw gun, both regular & precision screwdrivers, pliers and cutters.  Tools should be marked or otherwise easily identifiable.

We have cataloged what we can out of the abandoned projects pile and contacted the owners.  Those without a known owner (but we know it was a project) are listed below.  If you do not lay claim to these projects and either a) make your plan for timely completion known, b) store it in your locker if you have one, or c) pick it up and take it with you by Sat 10/26, your project will be up for grabs and scrapped for it’s useful components if not claimed.  We are certainly not pressuring anyone with an active project, these have been dormant 6 months or more and are consuming a considerable amount of space.

Record Player w/Orange Tape
PA Amplifier
Allen Bradley PLC
Modular PC
Grain Mill/Arm
PlayStation Mod? (was in box wired to Basic Stamp)
DIY LCD Projector
White box CPU with “Project Do Not Scrap” on top

If you have any questions or ideas, feel free to contact me.  Spread the word!  Thanks in advance for your help everyone!


Build Night with Sugru: Postponed to Next Week

Unfortunately, we will be needing to postpone the Sugru Build Night. Our Sugru supply has been through a series of unfortunate events which will, if we see no further events, result in its arrival on Friday. Actually, this is the second attempt to ship to us...

You are all more than welcome to come by for the Open Hack this Thurs. evening just to visit and see what may be happening. I'll probably take my 3D printer out and I'm sure some other things will be going on.

We'll have the Sugru by next Thursday. The build night will happen next Thursday. If you RSVPd and can't make it out next week, I'll be glad to reserve some of the Sugru for you. If you RSVPd, you should already have an email.

If you have any questions, please direct them to me.

Once this stuff arrives, we're looking to put together a few instructables to say thanks to for providing the material. If you have some ideas that would be conducive to that, please let us know. Also, check out the cool app for smartphones that Instructables created to make it really easy to make Instructables. Find it in the Android or iOS app stores.


World Maker Faire NYC 2013 with Make Lehigh Valley

We have a luxury bus for the 2nd annual Make Lehigh Valley trip to the World Maker Faire NYC on September 21st!

Part science fair part county fair...

...last year they had workshops, dozens of 3D printers of all shapes and sizes, concerts with theremins, presentations, quad-copters, sales on all sorts of electronics kits, organic crafts, light shows, flying objects, giant 20' butterflies you could ride around in, the New York Hall of Science is included, and so much more.  Good luck seeing it all!

Get a ride with us and get in on a 25% group discount for entry tickets!
Additionally, if the bus fills up we will be able to do a rebate for the bus ride up to $10 per passenger.

Taking a bus is a great way to meet and hang out with a bunch of other makers and a real easy trip into New York City.  The bus will drop us off and pick us up right at the front gate of the faire.

We're leaving at 9am from the Da Vinci Science Center parking lot in Allentown.  Directions to the Science Center can be found on their website.

Get an entry ticket and a seat on the bus from our WePay page.  If you've already purchased a ticket, you can still ride with us, just be sure to select the appropriate ride ticket.  You can also pay by cash or check at the Space, but email us to let us know as it is first come first serve.

Maker Faire is primarily designed to be forward-looking, showcasing makers who are exploring new forms and new technologies. But it’s not just for the novel in technical fields; Maker Faire features innovation and experimentation across the spectrum of science, engineering, art, performance and craft.

Maker Faire is a gathering of fascinating, curious people who enjoy learning and who love sharing what they can do. It’s a venue for makers to show examples of their work and interact with others about it. Many makers say they have no other place to share what they do. DIY (Do-It-Yourself) is often invisible in our communities, taking place in shops, garages and on kitchen tables. It’s typically out of the spotlight of traditional art or science or craft events. Maker Faire makes visible these projects and ideas that we don’t encounter every day.


July 18th – Build Night with Sugru

Sugru product image

This stuff has so many uses, it's hard to describe

The folks at Instructables partnered with Sugru to ship us a bunch of Sugru to try out and come up with cool hacks. If your are interested in checking out this product and trying out your own Sugru based idea we'll have it around for the Open Hack on July 18th.

Come on out and see what we've got going on. If you'd like to talk about Sugru ideas feel free to pop into the discussion list or hang out in IRC.

If you're looking for some inspiration check out all the Sugru on Instructables.

Who: You and your friends
What: Build Night with Sugru (we provide the Sugru)
When: July 18th 7-9pm
Where: 905 Harrison St. Allentown. (Hive 4a)
Price: Free
RSVP:  Sign-up Here (

Bring your own stuff to hack on the Sugru with. Have some broken shoes? A favorite pair of scissors that needs a nub in just the right place? A backpack that needs a beautiful new colorful design on it? Bring it. We'll have the Sugru.

Colors and Sugru packages will be provided on a first-come, first-serve basis. We're prepared for 15 people to join us.


Tour the Home of Make Lehigh Valley, the Hive4A Hackerspace

We put together this video tour for you. We wanted you to come see the latest and greatest of our hackerspace from the comfort of your couch. Enjoy!

Now you've seen it. Come by some Thursday night and get the full-sensory HD tour. You won't believe how much better it is in person!


Lehigh Valley Tech Talk: Arduino (Feb. 12, 2013)

Arduino Uno R3 from AdaFruit Jared Steckl of MakeLV is the guest speaker at the next Lehigh Valley Tech Talk. You can find out more and sign-up to attend at the Lehigh Valley Tech Talk: Arduino meetup event page.

There already looks to be a pretty decent crowd planning to attend so this may fill up pretty quickly. The last Tech Talk event was also very well attended.

Sign-Up Now


“A Slice of Pi” January 26th, 2013

On January 26th at 2PM, Make Lehigh Valley will be hosting a talk by Jason Plum (@WarheadsSE of Arch Linux ARM/@ArchLinuxARM) on the Raspberry Pi, Arch Linux ARM, and uses of the Raspberry Pi for applications such as: beer brewing, Arduino replacement, and home services. The talk, “A Slice of Pi”, will discuss the ins and outs of the ARM architecture as is applicable to the Raspberry Pi and similar devices, along with the critical differences from what you may have come to expect in other architectures.

Please join us!  Feel free to come by early/stay late and hang out for awhile.

Bridgeworks Enterprise Center, Suite 101
905 Harrison St.
Allentown, PA 18103

Questions can be directed to @makelv on twitter, or via IRC in #makelv on


Get a Ride to World Maker Faire with Make Lehigh Valley

We're excited to be taking a bus to World Maker Faire in NYC this year on Saturday 9/29 and everyone in the Lehigh Valley is invited. We're starting in Allentown, PA and we'll make a second stop in Phillipsburg, New Jersey if there is interest.

Since we'll have a big enough group, we're eligible for 25% off group rate on the tickets to the faire so your ride includes entry to the fair. We're using WePay to facilitate bringing the group together. Use the "Get A Ride" button to get your ride and ticket to the faire purchased. If you've already purchased a ticket, you can still ride with us, just be sure to select the appropriate ride ticket.

Get a Ride

You can get your hands on the Event Program here.

Directions to the Science Center can be found on their website.


Young Makers at HIVE4A

We were all blown away with the success of the Arduino/TV-B-Gone workshop presented by Mitch Altman as part of his Hackers on a Train 2012 tour.

I was impressed by the turn out of young makers .... I'm glad they'll be a new generation of makers to carry the torch when we're too old and frail. Who knows ... maybe they'll be able to visit us in the old folks home and motorize out wheel chairs ....

Young maker Young maker