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Build Night with Sugru: Postponed to Next Week

Unfortunately, we will be needing to postpone the Sugru Build Night. Our Sugru supply has been through a series of unfortunate events which will, if we see no further events, result in its arrival on Friday. Actually, this is the second attempt to ship to us...

You are all more than welcome to come by for the Open Hack this Thurs. evening just to visit and see what may be happening. I'll probably take my 3D printer out and I'm sure some other things will be going on.

We'll have the Sugru by next Thursday. The build night will happen next Thursday. If you RSVPd and can't make it out next week, I'll be glad to reserve some of the Sugru for you. If you RSVPd, you should already have an email.

If you have any questions, please direct them to me.

Once this stuff arrives, we're looking to put together a few instructables to say thanks to for providing the material. If you have some ideas that would be conducive to that, please let us know. Also, check out the cool app for smartphones that Instructables created to make it really easy to make Instructables. Find it in the Android or iOS app stores.


PCB Manufacturing: First Step – Design Something

So we have this fully working PCB Fabrication setup at the hackerspace now. If you're interested in getting started we recommend having something to fabricate. Designing a circuit could be done in Microsoft Paint, but for good results we suggest something a bit more... powerful to help you get component footprints on right among other things. Electronic Design Automation tools such as KiCAD fill that spot well.

If you are interested in putting together a design, check out this tutorial to give you a great kick start on using KiCAD to design your circuit board. You'll probably want to stick to a single side board for your first round. Lining up layers can be a bit tricky with our current system. We're working on getting a system in place to make this more predictable.

If you have problems, please feel free to drop a question on the mailing list or come by when the space is open some time.


Help the Reprap Project!

190px-Assembled-prusa-mendelMake Lehigh Valley is hoping to raise $250 in donations to match another $250 to build a Reprap Prusa Mendel i2 3D Printer!  We're hoping to be resourceful and keep the necessary cash around that $500 mark.  Need for printed parts around the space abounds, and this will fill a huge gap in our ability to enable our minds.  If you were at our first Town Meeting tonight, you probably heard about the 3D scanner - and the statue we scanned, and how it worked.  Go donate!


Lehigh Valley Tech Talk: Arduino (Feb. 12, 2013)

Arduino Uno R3 from AdaFruit Jared Steckl of MakeLV is the guest speaker at the next Lehigh Valley Tech Talk. You can find out more and sign-up to attend at the Lehigh Valley Tech Talk: Arduino meetup event page.

There already looks to be a pretty decent crowd planning to attend so this may fill up pretty quickly. The last Tech Talk event was also very well attended.

Sign-Up Now


“A Slice of Pi” January 26th, 2013

On January 26th at 2PM, Make Lehigh Valley will be hosting a talk by Jason Plum (@WarheadsSE of Arch Linux ARM/@ArchLinuxARM) on the Raspberry Pi, Arch Linux ARM, and uses of the Raspberry Pi for applications such as: beer brewing, Arduino replacement, and home services. The talk, “A Slice of Pi”, will discuss the ins and outs of the ARM architecture as is applicable to the Raspberry Pi and similar devices, along with the critical differences from what you may have come to expect in other architectures.

Please join us!  Feel free to come by early/stay late and hang out for awhile.

Bridgeworks Enterprise Center, Suite 101
905 Harrison St.
Allentown, PA 18103

Questions can be directed to @makelv on twitter, or via IRC in #makelv on


Get a Ride to World Maker Faire with Make Lehigh Valley

We're excited to be taking a bus to World Maker Faire in NYC this year on Saturday 9/29 and everyone in the Lehigh Valley is invited. We're starting in Allentown, PA and we'll make a second stop in Phillipsburg, New Jersey if there is interest.

Since we'll have a big enough group, we're eligible for 25% off group rate on the tickets to the faire so your ride includes entry to the fair. We're using WePay to facilitate bringing the group together. Use the "Get A Ride" button to get your ride and ticket to the faire purchased. If you've already purchased a ticket, you can still ride with us, just be sure to select the appropriate ride ticket.

Get a Ride

You can get your hands on the Event Program here.

Directions to the Science Center can be found on their website.


Delaware – Lehigh Amateur Radio Club to offer FREE License Preparation Classes

DLARCDLARC's Fall Series of FREE  Amateur Radio License Preparation Classes will begin on Tuesday, SEPTEMBER 4 at a location in Bethlehem.

Classes will be held from 7 to 9 PM on Tuesday evenings.

There will be two classes running concurently:

A 9 week course for the entry-level TECHNICIAN CLASS license, this is for those who currently do not have an Amateur Radio License.

A 9 week course for the UPGRADE to the GENERAL CLASS license, for those who currently hold a TECHNICIAN Amateur Radio License.

The course is FREE, but pre-registration is required.

For details on the classes, or if you have an interest or questions about amateur radio, please call (610) 432-8286, or email KE3AW@ARRL.NET

For more information about Amateur Radio in General visit:





Young Makers at HIVE4A

We were all blown away with the success of the Arduino/TV-B-Gone workshop presented by Mitch Altman as part of his Hackers on a Train 2012 tour.

I was impressed by the turn out of young makers .... I'm glad they'll be a new generation of makers to carry the torch when we're too old and frail. Who knows ... maybe they'll be able to visit us in the old folks home and motorize out wheel chairs ....

Young maker Young maker

Hackers on a Train In the Lehigh Valley July 5th at 6:30pm

Mitch Altman

Our next event is a must attend for anyone that enjoyed our booths at the Science Festival of the Lehigh Valley. We know many missed out on some of what we had to offer simply because of the overwhelming crowds. We have good news!

"Hackers on a Train 2012" is a tour of  the makerspaces of the north east US and Canada during July by train. Mitch Altman, Jimmie Rodgers and crew will be doing workshops, classes and speaking as they go. Make Lehigh Valley is excited to be hosting these folks at Hive 4A for the Arduino For Total Newbies workshop, 6:30-9:30pm. This is a great opportunity for anyone interested in hobby electronics, arduino, hardware hacking or just how the devices around your home work.

These three hours pack in just about everything you need to explore hobby electronics. As a workshop participant, you will learn the basics of Arduino, electronic components and how they interact. Then you will be instructed in soldering up Adafruit's BoArduino kit. Your boarduino will be used to build a TV-B-Gone which will include learning to use a USB-to-serial ttl cable, the Arduino IDE, solderless breadboards and reading schematics to get their.


The workshop includes the kit, tools and everything needed to complete the tv-b-gone project. Children are encouraged to attend and bring a parent. The fee is $35/attendee to cover expenses of materials.

Mitch's more exhaustive explanation of the workshop can be found on his web page, Arduino For Total Newbies. You can also check out the rest of the tour schedule or  our wiki for details as we assemble them.

We're really excited to share this event with Allentown, Bethlehem and all of the Lehigh Valley.


A Simple Arduino Robot

At the Science Festival one of the things we talked about in the Arduino area was how easy it is to make a robot out of an RC car. This guy's arduino robot is pretty basic, but has lots of room to expand.

Here is a short video and associated intractable on doing exactly that.

Instructable: Make your RC car drive itself with this simple brain swap