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Drawer system, 16 compartments, each 3 7/8 x 3 1/2

Keeping in mind the mantra of recycle - reuse - renew ( - re-purpose(?) ).

Most of the materials for this project should be easily obtained from what would normally be thrown out.

It may take some time to build up a supply of containers. :-P


Box Cutter. Scissors. Packing Tape. (16) plastic half gallon containers.

Pieces of cardboard.

(1) 23 7/8 inch x 22 3/8 inch. ( width of half gallon containers cut to 3 1/2 in height plus, width of 3 dividers and both sides of box, width measured at 1/8 inch ).

(3) 23 7/8 inch x 3 7/8 inch, horizontal divider, a.k.a. shelf.

(3) 22 3/8 inch x 3 7/8 inch, vertical divider.

Picture of Beta V1.0:

Storage drawers b1.jpg

Tape is attached to the bottom of the containers, doubled over in the front, similar to the pull tab often found in battery compartments.

Using this method allows the drawer to be opened without adding holes, keeping the drawers sealed for transport.

Beta one used slots cut into shelves and vertical dividers to align them.

The ends of the shelves were taped to the sides of the box.

Beta 2 will have full width shelves without slots and columns will be cut and taped into place.

The pull tabs will be moved to the sides to use less tape and get better adhesion.

Note: In cutting down the half gallon containers the plastic identifier logo is removed from the excess which I'd like to recycle.

I'm thinking of making a stamp or maybe a branding iron to fix this.

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