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Adopted May 26, 2011 based on how they appeared on the wiki on May 23rd, 2011 at 12:00PM Updated format only as of June 23, 2011 at 12:00PM

Preamble: MakeLehighValley founded by B. Mansfield, S. Piccotti, J. Ritchie, T. Rumpf, D. Smith, M. Tuerk, T. Worman in the city of Allentown with the help of Allentown Economic Development Corporation in November, 2010 and organized as a club under the laws of the State of Pennsylvania in 2011. Our objective is to promote building things, tinkering, learning and collaboration within our local community while we work to achieve goals that are of common interest among our members. We recognize and strive for mutual assistance in the labors and aspirations of life, devotion to the cultivation of the intellect and unsullied friendship. We do hereby ratify, affirm and adopt the following as and for its constitution.

Article I - NAME

Section 1. The name of this organization shall be "MakeLehighValley".


Section 1. All members shall be under the direct supervision and control of the board.

Section 2. Members will have jurisdiction over where MakeLehighValley shall be located.

Section 3. Members will have jurisdiction over the conduct of all members.

Section 4. Members may make regulations and adopt order of business provided they are not inconsistent with the constitution or MakeLehighValley.

Section 5. In any matter affecting a member's rights or standing in MakeLehighValley, any member may make a written appeal to the board.


Section 1. Potential members must attend 2 meetings and then make a written request to the board for membership.

Section 2. Member requests are voted upon through private ballot at the next section meeting and an absentee ballot system.

Section 3. Members may be required to pay a fee to maintain membership, at the discretion of the board.

Section 4. No person shall be admitted to membership in MakeLehighValley until written sanction procured from the scribe and membership has been approved by three quarters of the board.

Section 5. Members may resign their membership at any time. A refund of fees will be made for any advance payments.

Section 6. Membership may be terminated at any time with three quarters vote of the members. A refund of fees will be made for any advance payments.


Section 1. The board holds legislative authority over MakeLehighValley and will consist of 3 officers (leader, scribe and treasurer), an AEDC representative and other board members as needed.

Section 2. All board members are to be elected from the MakeLehighValley membership once a year or as vacancies occur.

Section 3. Board members are voted into position only by members present at the designated meeting or through absentee ballot.

Section 4. No board member shall hold two offices which. For this purpose, the AEDC representative should be considered an office.

Section 5. Board election meetings will be announced 1 month in advance and will take place at the designated home location of MakeLehighValley.

Section 6. A board member will resign his title upon the written demand of two-thirds of the members (who also must be present) at any meeting. A new board member will be voted upon at that meeting.

Section 7. The powers, business and property of MakeLehighValley shall be exercised, conducted and controlled by the board subject to the provisions of this constitution. It shall hear and determine appeals from members, and in the case of appeal from its decision, shall document a report of the appeal. It shall canvas and publish the votes upon amendments or the repeal of the Constitution. It shall have charge of and regulate the establishment of associated organizations.

Section 8. The board makes all decisions by three quarters of the board voting for approval.

Section 9. The board shall have the power to impeach or remove any member or board member by three quarters vote of all board members present.

Section 10. A majority of the board, shall constitute a quorum of the board.

Section 11. Power is held only by quorum of the board. Board members alone have no more power than a regular member

Article V - MEETINGS

Section 1. All meetings will be documented by the scribe or an alternate appointed by the scribe and the proceedings will be published freely on the website as soon as possible after meeting adjournment.

Section 2. All meetings will be announced by the board.

Section 3. Members can call for a meeting to take place but official announcement must be done by board members.

Section 4. Meeting announcements must be made 1 month in advance of the meeting date.


Section 1. This Constitution may be amended or repealed by a two-thirds vote of the board members present at any meeting, however, that if within three months after the publication of notice of such amendment or repealing act, a majority of the members at any meeting are entitled to representation, by written vote deposited with the scribe, evidence their disapproval of said amendment or repealing act, then it shall become void.

Section 2. Two-thirds of the members present at any meeting may amend or repeal the Constitution or any part thereof at any time.

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