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[edit] Status

OpenStackMeme.jpg OpenStackWorks.jpg

[edit] Purpose

The primary purpose of MakeLV's OpenStack implementation is for the intellectual edification of MakeLV's membership, but secondarily, as seems appropriate, we will provide access to OpenStack's resources outside the membership perhaps as a fund-raiser for developers and others interested in working in such an environment, but not concerned with high availability.

[edit] Things to Do

[edit] Software

[edit] Install

Mainly following the OpenStack Installation Guide for Ubuntu 14.04.

Documented installation and notes: OpenStack Installation Notes

[edit] Roles to fill

The following roles will need to be assigned to servers.

[edit] Hardware

To be updated soon.

[edit] Need

Moar RAM Moar U320 SCSI drives

[edit] Networking

VLANs should be setup for each network. To start with, we're going to model our network infrastructure after OpenStack's Compute Network Planning document.

[edit] Lessons Learned

Probably need to do something before we can learn much...

[edit] Status

  1. Ubuntu 14.04 installed on OpenStackControlNode
  2. Keystone installed and configured on OpenStackControlNode
    1. Using mariadb for its database
  3. Glance installed on OpenStackControlNode
    1. Loaded cirros-0.3.4-x86_64 image into Glance
  4. Nova Installed on OpenStackControlNode
    1. Setup as both controller and compute node
  5. Nova-Network installed on OpenStackComputeNode
    1. Setup as controller and network node
      1. Was uninstalled because nova-api and nova-api-metadata both need to listen on the same port and can not run on the same node
  6. Configured Neutron on OpenStackControlNode
    1. Setup as controller, network, and compute nodes
      1. Does not currently allow access into VMs, routed IPs are accessible from external network
        1. Possibly needs additional network interface or dedicated networking node, will investigate further

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