Playing with Microcontrollers

Playing with Microcontrollers

Will’s gathering people around some small microcontroller (uC) projects as a means to pass on some knowledge. These aren’t be run as a formal class, but is something Will would like to open up to everyone.

We have an LED sign that needs to be refurbished and would like to explore RFID tag reader for use for entry into the space once we get to that point.

If you’re interested in digging more deeply into microcontrollers than the arduino, connect with Will (kd0mto) on IRC, the mailing list¬†or come out to an open hack.

Will is also recommending that you check out the following resources:

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  1. Will

    Will here, just wanted to let everyone know I ordered some Atmega328’s that I’ll be bringing to space when I get them. While I would prefer to use AVR tools specifically, I do have the equipment to make a barebones Arduino out of them. Parts ordered include some shift registers and some LED’s (mostly infrared for com work) with a servo. I look forward to being at the space this thursday without the parts and next week with the parts!

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