3D printer mini-festival

3D printer mini-festival

We had a mini 3D printer fest at Make Lehigh Valley last night along with our postponed Build Night with Sugru. (Sugru update to come, I’m gathering pictures.) The Ord Bot received some sugru to the handle to make it more comfy to lug.

My real joy was sharing the epic fail of printing a twisted ball cage. I made it as far in the print as I have yet. I still can’t get the top to print because of the flex of the arms. All the interaction from crowd of makers was great. Jared got his RepRap printing a much improved cube and Jeff made some progress on the space’s RepRap 3D printer. He’s been polishing the smooth rods that the carriage for the heated build platform rides on for awhile to make sure it runs smoothly.

Space RepRap 3D printer
After much polishing, Jeff has installed the rods that the heated build platform will ride on
Our impromptu mini 3D printer festival
Our impromptu mini 3D print festival, note the blue sugru on the handle of the OrdBot.

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  1. I’m observing a common newb mistake (maybe this is just with repetier) is not realizing how many settings are in the slicer softwares. I know I expected that to be all in Repetier, but once I got started I started hearing about settings that I couldn’t find until I discovered the slic3r configuration button and a whole new world opened up.

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