Build Night with Sugru: Postponed to Next Week

Build Night with Sugru: Postponed to Next Week

Unfortunately, we will be needing to postpone the Sugru Build Night. Our Sugru supply has been through a series of unfortunate events which will, if we see no further events, result in its arrival on Friday. Actually, this is the second attempt to ship to us…

You are all more than welcome to come by for the Open Hack this Thurs. evening just to visit and see what may be happening. I’ll probably take my 3D printer out and I’m sure some other things will be going on.

We’ll have the Sugru by next Thursday. The build night will happen next Thursday. If you RSVPd and can’t make it out next week, I’ll be glad to reserve some of the Sugru for you. If you RSVPd, you should already have an email.

If you have any questions, please direct them to me.

Once this stuff arrives, we’re looking to put together a few instructables to say thanks to for providing the material. If you have some ideas that would be conducive to that, please let us know. Also, check out the cool app for smartphones that Instructables created to make it really easy to make Instructables. Find it in the Android or iOS app stores.

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