Member Project Update: Filament Extruder Project Update

Hi All, the following is an update the Make Lehigh Valley Filament Extruder Project. This update is dedicated Matt Schwarz who recently passed away and who was a co-organizer of Make Lehigh Valley makerspace. Matt was an early proponent DIY 3D printing, filament extrusion and completed prior work at the space in the extrusion of filaments, building of the the space’s first 3D printer and other initiatives. Matt’s presence at the space will be missed by all.



Current activities in the filament extruder have focused on the refinement of the heating element and the motor. The oven element heater has been replaced by fiberglass covered nichrome wire powered by a repurposed inverter transformer. The output of the transformer is 6 vac which powers parallel strands of nichrome wire.

A ‘slo-sync’ 72 rpm motor has been installed to power the extruder. Testing has indicated that this is a little slow and work is underway to either speed up the motor via a variable frequency drive or replace the motor with another type.

Extruder screw modification (3) (Large)
Nichrome heater element with insulation removed
Extruder screw modification (4) (Large)
Overall view of extruder including ‘slo-sync’ motor
View of extruder auger with housing removed
View of extruder auger with housing removed
Extruding filament at the space testing temperatures and feedrates
Extruding filament at the space testing temperatures and feedrates

Next steps including installation of thermocouples at several locations on the extruder body and building an Arduino circuit to read and display the temperatures. Additional testing will done to refine location of nichrome heating elements and assess whether multi-stage heating of the extruder assembly is warranted. The motor drive is also being redesigned to achieve higher extruder speeds.

Frank Lyter