What’s up @MakeLV! (6/22/2017)

What’s up @MakeLV! (6/22/2017)

I thought maybe I’d try a new title as our updates turn out to be a little less frequent than weekly 🙂  Plus that’s our twitter thing.. see what I did there?

The newly-appointed board met for the first time on 6/14 and it was certainly a busy meeting. You can take a look at the complete minutes here.  Some important highlights:  We’ve been discussing the purchase of a new 3D Printer for the space, and are trying to narrow the field selection-wise as well as determine how much we’re going to spend.  We’ve fired off a discussion on our mailing list (join!) and are hoping to get some consensus prior to our 7/12 meeting at which we’re planning to make the purchase.

DSC_1134_sm   (sad face)

We also scheduled our next Space Pride Day for Saturday, July 8th beginning at 12PM.  We use these days to clean up and improve the space as a group.  At some point during the day MakeLV will be buying everyone lunch!

We had a pretty small crowd at the 6/15 Open Hack, but here is what happened Thursday 6/22!

A busy Open Hack, Katie is burning photos into wood and making some other small ornaments, Ed is modeling a trailer for his quad and golf cart in SolidWorks, Jeff is troubleshooting an inexpensive CNC controller he picked up for a robotics project, and Twilly is working on a Frankenstein skirt.

DSC_1138_sm DSC_1137_sm DSC_1136_sm DSC_1132_sm DSC_1126_sm DSC_1140_sm


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