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Membership Subscription

You do not receive the membership benefits simply by subscribing. Membership level subscriptions are meant for those who have been approved as a member and notified to do so. Keyholders must go through the keyholder approval process in addition to that of a core member. That being said, we encourage you to donate at or above your membership level or even if you are a guest.

Guests: The general public may attend any open events, such as our Thursday evening Open Hack, as a guest free of charge. Guests are not permitted to use tools or machinery without explicit permission, training and supervision.

Friend Membership – $5 per month: You can attend events open to the public (like our weekly Open Hack), but may use tools and machinery as available that you have received training on. .

Core Membership – $20 per month: You are an approved member who has access to the tools and machinery as available that you have received training on whenever The Space is open. Currently, this also includes a half-height locker as available.

Core Membership Options

Choose whether you’d like your membership dues to be billed monthly, every 6 months, or every 12 months. Longer subscriptions help us out by reducing our expenses on transaction fees!

$20 every month

$120 every 6 months

$240 every 12 months

"Friend of the Space" membership

By becoming a Friend of The Space, you can get involved and help support the mission of Make Lehigh Valley for a few bucks a month. Due to the lower cost, we’re only able to offer 6 month subscriptions at this level.

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