You do not receive the membership benefits simply by subscribing. Membership level subscriptions are meant for those who have been approved as a member and notified to do so. Keyholders must go through the keyholder approval process in addition to that of a core member. That being said, we encourage you to donate at or above your membership level or even if you are a guest.

Guests: The general public may attend any open events, such as our Thursday evening Open Hack, as a guest free of charge. Guests are not permitted to use tools or machinery without explicit permission, training and supervision.

Friend Membership: You can attend events open to the public (like our weekly Open Hack), but may use tools and machinery as available that you have received training on. $5 monthly.

Core Membership: You are an approved member who has access to the tools and machinery as available that you have received training on whenever The Space is open. Currently, this also includes a half-height locker as available. $20 monthly.

Keyholder Membership: As of 2016, keyholder membership is the same price as Core and no longer requires a background check.  We left the $40/mo. here because we encourage you to contribute above the required dues in support of our space.  Must be a core member for six months. You have your own access to the space, tools, and machinery for yourself as well as a locker. Please contact a board member if interested.

Staff Membership: This level is for approved keyholders who are currently on the schedule regularly opening the space. Keyholders may voltuneer to open and staff the space and are provided a membership discount for doing so. Please contact a board member to discuss this. $20 monthly.

Membership Dues