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26 Drawers Completed

Tom finished up his two 12-drawer storage shelves. The two variations seem to both be holding up pretty well, but have yet to be loaded down with stuff.

I also continued work on a storage project I keep getting distracted from for smaller storage using baby food jars. Two of the "drawers" were completed, but some work needs to be done to fix some problems with the frame the dr

awers go into. It helps to do proper measurements the first time.



Storage from Salvaged Materials

Tom has been designing and directing the creation of storage. It is made of cardboard, packing tape and 1/2 gallon jugs. Last I heard, the plan was to make one each open hack. If you'd like to pitch in, we have a bunch of stuff to store and could use some more of these. Also, Tom's tea habit is large, but not large enough to provide all the 1/2 gallon jugs that we'll need to keep up. If you have some, feel free to bring them by. Tom's glad to have some other hands pitch in to help cut. If you'd like to get more info, check out the wiki.

Nate used some Sugru to add a handle. If you haven't seen this stuff in action, check it out. He has some extra that he picked up and would be willing to share.

Also, this would go a lot faster with a laser cutter. Anyone have one on hand?