Saturday 19th: 7hr Open Hack

We’ll be opening up the hackerspace for an unprecedented 7hrs this Saturday!

We’ll be opening for the Saturday (19th) open hack from 11a to 6pm. That’s this Saturday as in a few days away.

Flying Platforms
I found out my neighbor has a business called Club Heli selling RC helicopters and parts. He’s hoping to make it out. I told him we’ve been chatting about helicopters and such so made a special point of inviting him. He told me he’s not looking for advertising so you know these aren’t paid links, just notes about an interesting resource to be aware of.

Bring a Friend
As always, feel free to bring a friend, cousin, brother-in-law, uncle, neighbor, wife, kids or whomever.

Bring a Project
Also, bring out a project to work on. We have a good bit more space. If you stop by the Radio Shack on the way, mention Make Lehigh Valley. 😉

Feel free to bring something to show off and something to work on. If we have enough stuff to show off, I’ll get a table setup for that stuff so people stopping by can browse over things. We can have our own super mini maker faire.