This week-ish at MakeLV (5/15-5/25/2017)

This week-ish at MakeLV (5/15-5/25/2017)

I’m batting 1.000 on putting up some news on a weekly basis, aren’t I?  It’s been a busy few weeks at the space;  we had our Annual Meeting, BBQ and Elections on Saturday May 20th (minutes here) which was a ton of fun and some well-attended Open Hacks on those few Thursday nights in there.

In case you missed it, our new Board of Directors is as follows:  President Jared Steckel, Quartermaster Ed Kilburn, Secretary Will Weik, Treasurer Jonas Wood and Director of Public Relations Danny Mardis.  All honors and thanks to Mark Benning (Former President) and Alex Cloak (former Quartermaster) for their service and many accomplishments this past year.

DSC_1094_sm  Danny, Will, Ed and Jared

Here’s some more from a few nights around the space!

A bustling Open Hack night, Dave is building a desktop air conditioner for his desk at work out of some spare parts lying around, tron is reclaiming some valuable parts from some electronics scrap, mobius is working on rebuilding an old air compressor, Jonas is scrapping an old refrigerator (not to worry, we have refrigerant reclamation equipment!), Jeff shows a power connection and some wiring he’s made up for his awesome sign on the steps, and Ralph troubleshoots (successfully!) a partially-functional LED strip.


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